Irish island Skellig Michael a top destination for Star Wars fans worldwide

Skellig Michael - Irish island is named as one of Star Wars fans’ top places in the world to visit

Skellig Michael has been named as one of the top tourist attractions in the world for Star Wars fans.

Part of the filming for the latest movie in the legendary franchise took place at the Irish island off the coast of Co Kerry.

Now GoEuro and GetYourGuide have named Skellig Michael the seventh out of 31 global sites that are associated with the movies.

The travel website has told its readers what it expects to happen at the Skellig Michael location during the upcoming movie.

It said: “Overwhelming opinion suggests Skellig Michael will be Luke Skywalker’s refuge, or even where he has chose to build a Jedi Academy.

“It is likely a new planet, with one fan theory suggesting Daisy Ridley’s character will venture to return a lightsaber to Luke at the end of the Force Awakens.”

Legoland was named as the number one destination for Star Wars fans across the world.

Filming at Skellig Michael had caused controversy as it is a UNISCO World Heritage site.

However, the Irish Sun report that Arts Minister Heather Humphries has revealed that there was no damage to the eco system on the island following the three day shoot last month.

She said: “I look forward to the release of the new Star Wars film later this year, when international audiences will be greeted with images of one of Ireland’s most stunning natural and historical features.”

Meanwhile the trailer for the long awaited seventh film in the Star Wars franchise – The Force Awakens – was released yesterday.

Take a look below.

Inforgraphic on the top tourism destinations for Star Wars fans