Irish hotel used by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is one of the ‘world’s best hideaways’

Ballyfin Demesne hotel in Co Laois

The Irish hotel where American stars Kanye West and Kim Kardashian spent their honeymoon has been named as one of the ‘world’s best hideaways’.

The power couple stayed at the Ballyfin Demesne hotel in Co Laois after getting married in Italy four years ago.

Now travel site Hideaway has named the luxury hotel as the number one hotel in the world for making their guests feel special.

Ballyfin Demesne hotel in Co Laois
It was also second in the favourite hideaway hotel category.

The American based site caters to high end travellers who are interested in the finer things in life and can boast A-list actors and Fortune 500 CEOs as members.

The site says that the Ballyfin offers guest an unforgettable welcome.

Ballyfin Demesne hotel in Co Laois
It said: “A row of staff members greets guests on the front steps as they arrive,‘Downton Abbey style’.

“This 19th-century manor house is nothing if not grand. Gilded plaster ceilings, marble columns and inlaid mosaic tiles decorate the six reception rooms; an 80-foot-long library contains 5,000 volumes; and museum-quality art and antiques adorn every public space.

“All this, with only 20 bedrooms, means that Ballyfin may be elegant and formal, but guests also feel right at home.”

Ballyfin Demesne hotel in Co Laois
It is certainly no surprise that West and Kardashian chose the Ballyfin. It is beautiful and opulent with features including a chandelier once owned by Napoleon’s sister.

For more information visit the Ballyfin website.

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