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Irish hidden gem is a slice of heaven says ‘A Simple Favor’ star

American star Blake Lively has spoken about her love of Ireland and urged her fans to check out a hidden gem she discovered recently.

Lively is well known for her role as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl but her idea of heaven is a world away from the swanky Manhattan lifestyle of her character.

She has recently spent time in Dublin where she shot her latest movie, The Rhythm Section.

Blake Lively says hidden gem in Ireland is like heaven

While in Ireland, Lively decided to make the most of her spare time and took a trip down to Co Wicklow, where she discovered the small town of Avoca.

The picturesque town sits on the River Avoca and is best known for handweaving. It was featured in the hit BBC drama Ballykissangel.

When Lively was recently on the red carpet for the Premier of her critically acclaimed new movie A Simple Favor, she used the moment to tell reporters about Avoca.

She said: “Oh my god can we talk about Avoca, have you guys been to Avoca? You have to go to Ireland just to go to Avoca, it’s just heaven. How it’s described in the bible is inaccurate, heaven is what Avoca is… it’s just hand weavers and amazing pastries and it’s just heaven. Everybody’s gonna be like ‘she’s disgracing the bible’ – I was joking world.”

Lively could be spending quite a bit of time in Ireland over the next few years if her new movie is a hit. That would no doubt please her husband Ryan Reynolds, who has spoken about using his Irish heritage to get a part on Game of Thrones.

She said: “Well if everybody goes and sees Rhythm Section in theatres in February then we will have to make a few more, there is about five books so it will be our second home – Dublin will be my second home.”

The Rhythm Section is due for release next year. A Simple Favor is out in cinemas now. Take a look at the trailer below.

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