Irish groom delights his bride and guests with wedding reception dance routine

Irish groom performs a special dance routine at his wedding reception

An Irish groom delighted his guests as he got the party started at the wedding reception in style.

Stephen Richardson stepped onto the dance floor to have the traditional first dance with his bride, Lisa McMahon.

As the band played ‘Take my Hand’ by Picture This, the newlyweds started to dance. However, at the end of the song Lisa left the dance floor leaving Stephen on his own.

Irish groom performs a special dance routine at his wedding reception

He was quickly joined by his groomsmen who got into position for a special wedding dance routine.

There was plenty of creativity and inspiration to the guys’ moves and the guests loved their performance.

Stephen told the Irish Mirror: “We met up four times every Wednesday for a month my brother is a choreographer so he hooked us up with a studio.

“We’d meet up have a practice and then finish by having a pint we had great banter all slagging each other’s moves over a pint or two, my brother kept the routine very simple.

“It was all about having a bit of craic and a laugh with it as we were far from dancers, he put one or two technical bits in to show we’d being practicing but come wedding night I was well on by first dance and struggled to keep up.”

Stephen added that there was a moment when he could have been in trouble with some of the guests before they realised what he had planned.

He said: “There was no one else in on it only the four of us, when I stopped the first dance you could here gasps and people muttering he’s after ruining her first dance then when the music kicked in and they realised what was happening.

“The whole place loved it even at the end when it went into manic. The rest of the lads were supposed to get the bridesmaids up but as you can see in the video the whole wedding party went nuts and all hit the dance floor and that set the tone for the night.

“My wife loved it, she said she couldn’t have asked for a better first dance.”

Take a look at the video below.

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Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling