Irish granny Dancing in the Dark with Bruce Springsteen

great video - Irish granny Dancing in the Dark with Bruce Springsteen

An Irish granny living in Canada must have felt decades younger after she was given an 89th birthday present to remember.

Evelyn Raftery was taken to see American rocker Bruce Springsteen in concert with her daughter – and ended up dancing in the dark with the Boss himself!

The gig was in Toronto, Canada and Springsteen looked like he was on top form.

great video - Irish granny Dancing in the Dark with Bruce Springsteen
As he was playing his 1984 hit Dancing in the Dark he strode over to the front of the stage for some classic rock star interaction with his fans.

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Evelyn and her daughter had managed to get right up to the front row and Springsteen saw a sign that Evelyn’s daughter was holding up.

The sign said: “It’s my mother’s 89th birthday please dance with her.”

The Boss didn’t need asking twice and invited Evelyn onto the stage with him. Evelyn was helped up the steps on the side of the stage and took centre stage.

She and Bruce had a waltz together at the front of the stage and both had beaming smiles on their faces.

Evelyn’s daughter also came onto the stage with her to lend a hand but stood aside to let her mother enjoy the limelight – and cheered as Evelyn and Bruce shared a hug.

Evelyn and Bruce then waltzed along with the classic music from Dancing in the Dark bellowing out in the background.

Evelyn, who is originally from Sligo, took the opportunity to have a quick chat with Springsteen as they danced.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing what she said to the Boss or whether she passed on any words of wisdom, but he seemed impressed with what he heard.

Take a look at the video below.