Irish girl narrates story of Jesus curing blind man

Irish girl narrates story of Jesus curing blind man

Take a look at this delightful video of a young Irish girl telling the story of Jesus performing a miracle and making a blind man see.
It is one of a series of videos on YouTube called Give Up Yer Aul Sins. They creators have taken sound recordings from the 1960s of Irish children telling stories from the bible. They have refreshed the charming narrations by adding modern animations to create the entertaining videos.
This time a young girl named Anne is selected by her teacher to “tell the men from the television” the story of Jesus making a blind man see.
Irish girl narrates story of Jesus curing blind man
Anne begins the story: “Once upon a time, this fellah was blind from a baby, and they brought him to Jesus and he said ‘Would you cure me Jesus?’ And Jesus said ‘Yeah’.”
Anne continues to narrate the full story of Jesus curing the blind man, including the danger it created by making the king envious.
She does a great job and covers all the key details of the bible story. Throughout the video Anne’s own personality shines through, and it is difficult to watch and listen without a smile breaking out across your face.
Once the story ends, the children’s teacher encourages them to give themselves all a big clap for working so well, and then the same for the men from the television.
The production team behind the Give Up Your Aul Sins videos should be praised for reviving these brilliant sound recordings. The animated YouTube videos have breathed fresh life into them, and made them accessible to viewers around the world.
Take a look at the video below.