Irish Garda receive complaints over Jerusalema dance video

Irish Garda perform dance routineancing

The Irish Garda recently responded to a challenge laid down to them by Swiss police by releasing a dance video of their own.

In January, the Swiss police performed a dance routine to the song Jerusalema by Master KG and threw down the gauntlet to their Irish counterparts, saying: “We are looking forward to the performance of the @gardainfo!”

The Irish Garda responded with a video of their own (see below) – much to the delight of the majority of the public.

Unfortunately, it seems that not everybody enjoyed the video. The Irish mirror reports that around 12 members of the public complained to the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission GSOC about the performances.

The complaints ranged from concerns that the gardai were not adequately social distancing to wasting time and resources.

However, the GSOC, who have revealed they will not be taking any action against the Garda.

They put out a tweet with the following message: “We’d like to confirm that GSOC will NOT be taking any complaints about these dancers. Nice moves.”

A spokeswoman added: “There have been about five or six phone calls from people wanting to make a complaint about the video, and four or five written communications (email, or on-line contacts).

“In a number of cases, when it was explained to callers what the role of GSOC was and what the criteria were for making an admissible complaint, the caller indicated that they did not require a form to make a written complaint.

“A number of people will be or have been sent a complaint form or information about the role of GSOC.”

When the Swiss initially issued their challenge, they added some trash talk into the mix, claiming that their dance could not be topped in precision, discipline, or perfectionism.

Garda Dancing

The Swiss officers had certainly put on an impressive routine but the Garda felt they were up to the challenge and quickly replied saying they would get practising their moves and put their own video out soon.

Rumours started flying that the Garda had already got stuck into the project and Frankie Beats said they had brought in ringers such as viral dance star and Tralee Garda Mary Gardiner and GAA star and Dancing with the Stars winner Garda Aidan O’Mahony.

After some officers were spotted practising their routine on the rooftop it seemed to prove they were taking it seriously and it would only be a matter of time before the video was posted.

Garda Dancing sea

When the time came the Irish police didn’t disappoint.

The Garda’s video features officers from all over the country and each crew performed against a backdrop that showcased their own part of Ireland.

When edited together it featured a great mix of glorious countryside, beautiful beaches, modern city landscapes.

They also had dancing horses – something even the highly confident Swiss police weren’t expecting.

The Garda posted the video along with the message: “We have stepped up to the Swiss police @fedpolCH #JerusalemaChallenge. Gardaí across Ireland answered the call to give the public we serve a lift in these challenging times.”

Garda Dancing near cars

The Garda also issued a challenge to the public to the videos coming.

They tweeted: “Now that An Garda Síochána stepped up to the challenge, the public now have the floor. So making sure to stay home and in your bubbles. Post your challenge using #GardaJerusalema we want to see what you can do while staying safe.”

Take a look at the video below.


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