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Irish feel ‘less attractive’ than people from other countries

Irish people feel less attractive than people from other nations because of their natural pale skin tone, according to a survey carried out by Thérapie Clinics.
The natural Irish complexion tends to be more pale and freckled compared to people from hotter countries, but does that make them any less attractive?
There has been a concern in recent years that the fashion industry and the media have created a ‘perfect look’ of tanned bodies and dark hair.
Irish feel ‘less attractive’ than people from other countries
Thérapie Clinics want to challenge that notion that people from all around the world should be aspiring to look the same. Instead, they want people to take proud of their natural beauty, whatever their skin tone.
They have created a YouTube video as part of the #LoveIrishSkin campaign, which aims to build confidence in young people to be proud of their natural appearance.
If the comments in the video are anything to go by, then it looks like Thérapie Clinics has some work to do yet to convince Irish people that they should be happy with the way they look and don’t need to chase a more tanned appearance.
One young woman said: “I don’t really wear pink because I think my skin is quite pink and I can look quite a bit like a pig.”
Another concerned woman warned: “The kids now, like 13, 14 plastered with makeup, it’s their skin I would be worried about!”
Other negative comments included in the video were ‘we don’t take the sun well’ and ‘we look like vampires’.
One woman said: “When your standing beside that dark, Brazilian skin tone you do feel a little bit inferior.”
When asked if she thinks Irish skin is beautiful. One young woman replied: “Not particularly, sometimes I think there is like ‘Irish pretty’ and then there’s ‘world pretty’”
The survey revealed than 24% of Irish women would never let their partner see them without makeup and that 61% of Irish people feel less attractive because of their Irish skin.
One Irish person that is fully behind the #LoveIrishSkin campaign is glamour model and former Miss Ireland winner Roz Purcell. She tweeted: “#loveirishskin a great campaign set up by @therapieclinics so let’s start embracing our skin & looking after it!”

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  1. Irish skin is beautiful, however make sun screen your best friend.

  2. We were in Ireland last July for two weeks. The Irish people are the most beautiful I have ever seen anywhere. Their beauty is not limited to physical status but they are beautiful in spirit as well. No where have I ever met such warm hearted souls. The only rude people we saw while there, and it was just a few, were tourists from other lands. Don’t change.

  3. I’m not Irish but I love the delicate Irish women look and light skin look. Fair skin is just as good as any other skin color. I think its softer too. My wife is half Irish and very, very light, she just wears flattering colors. The Irish women are warm and friendly. The men have wit and wisdom and they never try to one up someone. I am so impressed with these wonderful, beautiful people – they have so much to teach other people. I also hope to visit Ireland someday again.

  4. Irish women are in my opinion lovely white or not they should never
    look down on themselves i am irish living in new zealand getting on
    in age but i still admire irish girls especially titian or what i mean is
    redheadsl no need to smother with make up rubbish you are all
    beautiful in different ways be proud i love you all.

  5. Sondra.Smith57@yahoo.com

    I would not trade my porcelain skin, flaming green eyes and roaring red tresses for anthing.

  6. White is in! I celebrate ! and i a only 1/2 irish. The rest scottish and english.

  7. I love my irish sisters ! Irish women are strong, confident, and resilient ! “Be a leader, not a follower” !!! my mother always taught me. My Irish sisters hold your heads high!! You are truly to most beautiful women in the world!!!

  8. I think Irish woman are beautiful ,my mother was Irish and didn’t age as she got older Like many of the Australian woman around her. What you think is what you become, be Proud, leathery tanned skin may look good on younger people but not as you age!! Ask any Aussie 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness Beautiful Irish Woman be proud your gorgeous Well Ya wount be getting Sun cancer will Ya now . Society is wicked proper skin care helps the red tones

  10. Gosh I love my Irish skin. It’s fair and translucent and because I have to wear high sun protection I still have soft skin which is not weather beaten and tough like my tanned sisters. I have wrinkles of course as I am not as young as I used to be but I certainly get compliments about my skin and how good I look for my age. So come on my Irish sisters embrace your beauty.

  11. elizabeth sherrington

    I can ,of course only talk from my view point. At my age 60+, i wonder if lack of ‘pride’ in Irish women
    is more down to once prevailling advise given to young girls in Ireland that they shouldn’t ‘get toofond of
    themselves’ ? i know attitudes have changed but I can’t help wondering if throw remarks are still
    over heard by young people which could be too judgemental of themselves ?
    Just a thought ……….

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