Irish families have Christmas dinner together while thousands of miles apart

The Connected Restaurant

Two mobile phone giants have teamed up to help Irish emigrants have ‘Christmas dinner’ with their loved ones back home.

The Connected Restaurant combines the most up to date high speed technology with an intimate dining experience.

Thousands of Irish people live and work abroad with many of them in continents on the other side of the world.

The Connected Restaurant

With work or relationship commitments in play, it can prove impossible to get back to Ireland to spend time with family at home.

For Irish people living in places such as the USA, Canada or Australia it can even more difficult due to the time and money it takes to travel.

To help people in such a situation, Three Ireland and Samsung have teamed up to create a virtual restaurant to that lets users across the world sit down for a meal and catch up with their relatives in Ireland on a monitor.

The website states: “Three Ireland and Samsung wanted to bring families closer together during the holiday season, even if they couldn’t physically be in the same space.

“So, we created a restaurant that allowed loved ones to be in two places at once.”

While the ‘two halves’ of the table are thousands of miles apart, it feels as though the dining companions are sitting just across from each other.

Limerick man Paul Mooney left Ireland nearly a decade ago. He and his American wife, Tara tried out the Connected Restaurant experience and sat down for dinner with Paul’s parents.

The Irish Independent created an emotional video of the meal they shared and it is sure to pull at your heartstrings.

Take a look at the video below.

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