Irish doctors strip off for charity calendar


Doctors in Ireland have followed the lead of the country’s farmers by stripping off for a topless charity calendar.

Irish Doctors 2015 is on sale now and has already attracted orders from around the world. A percentage of the proceeds from Irish Doctors Calendar will be donated to the charity Epilepsy Ireland.

Irish doctors strip off for charity calendar
‘Mr July’, Dr Deacon Farrell, told the Irish Examiner that it was great fun shooting the calendar, and the money raised is the most important thing.
Dr Farrell explained: “Doctors can be a bit uptight about this kind of thing and some say you should be professional all the time, but I think you can still be professional and have a bit of craic at the same time.
“It can come across as a bunch of vain doctors but everyone is very genuine and it’s all about the charity aspect really. People don’t realise how underfunded services actually are. Every day units are closing so it’s all about raising funds at the end of the day.”

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Dr Farrell from Galway then admitted that has already received some stick for the calendar at work, revealing he has had a “good bit of slagging” from his colleagues.

Irish doctors strip off for charity calendar
The doctors have followed the example of a group of Irish farmers who have also produced a calendar for charity. Click here to decide which profession you find hunkier – farmers or doctors.
The doctor’s calendar is produced by the same company who brought us Irish Farmers Calendar.
Creator Ciara Ryan came up with the idea for an Irish Farmers Calendar six years ago and was shocked by the public response. Now, she is expanding into different professions to see if the demand is the same.
To buy your own copy of the calendar visit