Take a look inside the former home of an Irish Hollywood legend

Jim Sheridan house

It happens to everyone eventually. The dream home that you’ve cherished, nurtured and developed over many years eventually becomes too big as your circumstances change.

Irish film director Jim Sheridan is no exception. He put his €3.5m Dublin mansion up for sale after his children grew up and flew the nest.

The My Left Foot filmmaker and his wife Fran lived in the magnificent Victorian home for 27 years.

However, after their three daughters moved across the Atlantic to the US, the house became too big for the couple.

Sheridan told the Irish Independent: “We have bought an apartment around the corner on the canal so we will still be in the same area. I love the area.

“But the kids are gone, they’re in New York and LA so it was just too big for us.

The property is a four bedroom home, which Sheridan says is perfect for a young family – but that there is plenty of potential for development.

He said: “It’s actually two houses that are for sale. There’s the main house and then a little granny flat that comes with it that has planning permission to be re-developed,

The Victorian property has been carefully restored and maintained and still has many of its original features, such as the original floors, sash windows and ornate fireplaces.

Take a look at the pictures below.

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Jim Sheridan

Jim Sheridan house front room


Jim Sheridan house hall

It’s always hard to leave a family home, the place where your children have grown up and where you’ve developed so many fond memories. But time moves on and there’s some comfort in knowing that your old home is now going to become a new dream home for another family, who will take it on and develop it just as you did.

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