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Irish dance video shows 100 years of Irish pride

A pair of Irish dancers have created a fantastic video showcasing their own skill and also a hundred years of Irish achievements.

David Geaney and James Devine are both world class performers and their video, Velocity, will have you swelling up with Irish pride.

Irish dance video shows 100 years of Irish pride

Geaney is from Co Kerry and is a five-time world champion Irish dancer. Devine is from Co Clare and has three world titles to his name. He is also hold the Guinness World Record for most foot taps in a second, with a staggering 38.

The two men created the video to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising. They wrote:

“100 years ago, 1,200 volunteers set about achieving Irish freedom. 100 years later, Ireland has played a leading role in movements towards equality, in political, social and sporting highlights!
Here’s just a taste of Ireland’s Rising and why we are ‪#‎ProudToBeIrish‬ 🇮🇪
Like & Share with all the Irish around the world!
Velocity – The Rising coming soon! 🇮🇪
1916 – 2016! In the words of Donal Walsh… “Take time. A door will open” ‪#‎LiveLife‬ 😊

The video is outstanding and it is no surprise that it has been a huge success online. The dancing and choreography is as good as it gets with two world champions on show.

However, the video also features several iconic scenes and events from Irish history.

It begins with quotes from famous Irish characters and images of the Easter Rising.

As the video goes on, Irish pride is celebrated with shots of historical moments, such as the Northern Ireland Peace Process, the visit of Queen Elizabeth II, the same-sex marriage referendum and the lighting of the flame at the Special Olympics.

Many of the nation’s proud sporting achievements are also on show, with the back-to-back Six Nations rugby team, gold medal winners Sonia O’Sullivan and Katie Taylor and Shane Long’s winning goal against world champions Germany.

Take a look at the great video for yourself.

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