Irish dance star helps raise awareness of childhood cancer research organisation

Dancers performing as part of Chris Naish's #CreateNotHate tour

Chris Naish, the man behind Irish dance stars Fusion Fighters, has recently completed a #CreateNotHate tour designed to raise awareness for important causes.

The tour was a project created by Naish and his childhood friend Jamie Hodges to use dance to connect dance schools and communities around the world.

The pair use their dancing skills to highlight issues ranging from road safety to cancer to special needs.

They have also incorporated issues relating to the town they have visited as they go along.

Dancers performing as part of Chris Naish's #CreateNotHate tour

Naish said: “We use our platform to do community projects around the world through our workshops and video projects that are going to help raise awareness for really great causes and bring communities together.”

Naish and Hodges’ tour has taken them to North America where they have worked with the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation’ and the Broesler School of Irish dance.

Naish said: “We decided to recreate our viral video ‘Fusion Orchestra’ with the school in aid of the foundation and we posted it up yesterday, almost 40k views so far so it’s going well.”

The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation funds childhood cancer research as well as giving financial support to families who have a child suffering from cancer.
Take a look at the video below.

Naish and Hodges have also recently visited Heart of Ireland School of Dance in Midlothian, and the Miracles in Motion school.

Miracles in Motion school is a dance school for people with special needs. Naish and Hodges taught the children and adults a short collaborative routine.

Hodges said: “To work with these children and for them to have this platform here to explore their passion for dance I think is fantastic. It’s so good that they’ve got that here.

“We are actively encouraging people to get involved in a community and then using the videos that we’re making in other schools to hopefully give other dance schools inspiration to then take something back to their local community.”

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling