Irish Dance has a new star – and he is just five years old

Irish Dance has a new star – and he is just five years old

Last year we caught a glimpse into the future of Irish dancing when four-year-old Oscar Donnelly wowed crowds in his native Scotland with an incredible self-choreographed routine.

One year on and Oscar is showing he is going from strength to strength as he took to the stage at Celtic Connections Festival.

Oscar, now five, showed no signs of nerves as he shared the stage with legendary flautist Joanie Madden, leader of Cherish the Ladies.

As Cherish the Ladies performed, Oscar began his routine and had the 2,300-strong audience of the Royal Concert Hall Glasgow, in raptures.

Those in the know in the Irish music scene are not surprised that the young Scottish star-of-the-future is taking it all in his stride.

Leading Irish Dance troupe Fusion Fighters have been championing Oscar since he first came to the public eye last year.

Fusion Fighters leader Chris Naish told us: “It really is incredible what he is doing at his age!”

The troupe shared Oscar’s breakthrough performance which was a self-choreographed routine to Kilkenny Races in which he danced at 110 BPM, a speed Chris tells us is “something most teenagers would usually take on”.

You can see Oscar’s brilliant performance alongside Cherish the Ladies at the Celtic Connections Festival.

Fusion Fighters also posted this video, showing Oscar practicing his moves backstage.

To see Oscar’s breakthrough performance, and to read what his mum thinks about his dancing then click here.

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