Irish Dad pranked by daughter with ‘leek under the sink’ gag

Irish Dad pranked by daughter with 'leek under the sink' gag

An Irish dad has become an online star after a video of him being pranked by his daughter has amassed more than one million views on social media.

Brenda Molloy Rothwell set up the classic ‘leek under the sink gag’ to trick her father.

Irish Dad pranked by daughter with 'leek under the sink' gag

If you are not familiar with the prank, then the joke is that the leak is not the type that sees water escaping from the pipes, but a leek – the vegetable similar in appearance to celery.

So, simple enough.

Brenda placed an exceptionally large leek under the sink and poured a small amount of water on the floor to set up the prank.

She called her dad to have a look and sat back with her family who were secretly recording the whole thing.

Brenda’s dad opened the door to the cupboard under the sink to investigate but for some reason he didn’t notice the oddly placed vegetable sat alongside all the bottles of cleaning products.

Brenda struggled to hold it together as she told her dad ‘look the leek is right there’.

The rest of the family can be heard sniggering away off-camera before the penny dropped and Brenda’s dad realised the leek was in fact all part of the elaborate prank.

He stood up and threw a few obscenities the way of his family, but they were unlikely to be offended as they were all howling with laughter.

The video was uploaded onto social media by Brenda and captured the attention of thousands of viewers.

In fact, the video has proven so popular that it has passed the mammoth one million views turning poor Brenda’s dad into an online celebrity.

Brenda, who runs Queën Bee – thebeautybox in Dublin, told the Irish Sun: “This is the best prank because he genuinely didn’t have a clue. I poured water on the ground just to make him think that there was a genuine leak there.

“When he opened the press he didn’t even see it, it’s the biggest leek you’ll ever see.

“It took him a while to see the funny side of it. When he saw the leek he threw it away but then he saw the funny side of it.

“He’s such a normal dad, great dad, he does everything for his family, he’s a real family guy. He’s always at home helping us all.”

“He has no idea how to send a message, all he can do is make a phone call, he didn’t even know that I’ve posted this.

“His friends were ringing him this morning asking was he a plumber and he had no idea why, but it was because of the video.”

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