Irish dad can’t bear his daughter’s sour sweets

Irish dad can't stand eating sour sweets

There are not many things that could phase a typical Irish dad – or so he would like you to think.

Tom Lally from Galway was in for a shock when his kids got him to try some of their sweets. Little did he know how sour they were.

His daughter Yvonne gave him some of her sweets from Aunty Nellie’s Sweet Shop. He started off with a red hot chilli rock. At first it didn’t seem to affect him and he told his daughter: “That wasn’t too bad.”
Irish dad can't stand eating sour sweets
However, within seconds the tanginess kicked in and poor Tom couldn’t bear it. His reaction was hilarious as he spat the sweet out, writhed about in shock and swore his head off – as any good Irishman would.
He found it hard to believe his daughter would eat such a thing voluntarily. “Christ Almighty – what’s in it?!” he cried.
Despite his struggle with the first sweet, Tom showed he was still game by trying another. Perhaps he was hoping Yvonne would go easy on him for the second one.
However, Yvonne was in no mood to let her father off the hook and she gave him an even more sour green sweet.
Yvonne recorded her father’s discomfort and sent the video to
Tom was a great sport and if you can stand all the swearing this is a hilarious video.
Take a look at the video below.