Irish couples reveal what annoys them most about their wedding guests

Irish couple reveal the things that annoy them most about their wedding guests

If you are heading to an Irish wedding this summer and want to make sure you don’t do anything to upset the bride, you might want to keep reading…

A survey of Irish newlyweds has revealed the things that annoy them most about their guests.

Some of the responses were to be expected such as turning up late or using the wedding as an opportunity to deal with personal issues with another guest – but there were also some less expected answers.

Irish couple reveal the things that annoy them most about their wedding guests

The survey was carried out by the wedding magazine

It revealed that guests who were invited alone but ask to bring a plus one to weddings can cause a headache for a couple, as can people who don’t mingle with other guests at the reception.

Another pet peeve is when guests get in the way of the professional photographer as they try to take photos on their smartphones.

It would certainly be a good idea to avoid posting photos of the wedding to social media without the couple’s consent – many couples create private groups and pages for guests to post wedding photos to.

Couples can also be annoyed with wedding gifts that, while generous and well-meaning can be either inconvenient or not what they wanted at all.

If they have set up a gift registry or asked guests to make a charitable donation, it is best to adhere to what they want.

Deputy editor Celina Murphy said: “I think most of us would like to believe we’re the perfect wedding guest but there are lots of seemingly harmless actions that can cause big headaches for the couple.

“Things like RSVPing via Facebook when you’ve received a postal invitation, or texting the couple on the day of the wedding to ask what time the ceremony starts are big no-nos.

“Getting in a professional photographer’s sightline to take blurry snaps on your smartphone is another one we hear about all the time.

“A lot of these errors are surprisingly easy to make.

“I’ve definitely committed the sin of not mingling with guests outside of my own crew. I didn’t give it a second thought at the time, but now I know it’s something couples really worry about.”

Here is One Fab Day’s list of things a good wedding guest should do;

1 – Turn up on time
2 – Respect the guest list
3 – Don’t bring personal issues up at the wedding
4 – Do mingle with other guests
5 – RSVP in plenty of time
6 – Adhere to the dress code
7 – Let the photographers do their job
8 – Don’t keep pestering the couple with questions before the wedding
9 – Stick to the gift registry
10 – Enjoy yourself

For more information visit One Fab Day

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