Irish couple recreate ‘Ed Sheeran dance’ at their wedding reception

Irish couple perform dance from Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud video at their wedding

An Irish couple had a first dance as man and wife to remember as they recreated the dancing scene from Ed Sheran’s Talking out Loud video.

As Conor and Mary Fegan took to the dance floor at their wedding reception, their guests were probably expecting them to start the proceedings off with a traditional slow dance.

However, the bride and groom had something different in mind. At the start of the song, Conor stood alone on the dance floor. He was joined by his wife who seemed shy at first but it was all part of the act.
Irish couple perform dance from Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud video at their wedding. Photo from Belfast Live
They were just getting into their stride and before long they were dancing confidently and making use of the entire dancefloor as they recreated the iconic dance.
Guests at the reception at Galgorm in Northern Ireland whooped and cheered as the happy couple pulled it off brilliantly.
Make-up artist Mary told Belfast Live: “We talked about it and then just with so much happening in the run up to the wedding we brushed it under the carpet.
“At the start of June, Conor said to me he would have loved to have done something. So I knew dance teacher Christina Conlon and messaged her to see if she fancied teaching us this. She was up for it and that was the start of it.”
Mary was delighted that the dance was such a success. After being unsure whether or not they would be able to pull it off, it had a fantastic reaction from their guests.
“We wanted to try and do the exact dance. I was surprised at Conor remembering it all, he hadn’t danced before. On the day I was so nervous. Everything was in such a time frame and it nearly felt like I had not got a moment to breathe.
“But once we got into it and everyone was cheering, it was brilliant. It seemed to go down well, everyone enjoyed it. Some people had watched the video and others were asking where we came up with it because it was so different.”
Take a look at the video below.