Irish children try singing the American National Anthem

Irish children sing the American National Anthem

A video of Irish children attempting to sing the American national anthem has hit the mainstream media in Ireland.

The video from YouthTuber shows the children answering questions about the famous anthem before being asked to sing it.

Irish children sing the American National Anthem

One of the children was actually pretty good. However, for the majority, despite their best efforts, it was a very difficult task.

They were asked questions such as whether they had heard the anthem, who wrote the it and can they sing it.

One thought the song had been written for the Superbowl, while another thought the song was called ‘Riverdance’.

Eventually a couple of the kids admirably continued with the tune as they sang: “I don’t know the rest”.

One of the girls did extremely well and may even have a future as a singer.

Take a look at the video below.

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