Irish brothers survive scare on X Factor

Irish brothers still fighting on X Factor

X Factor fans will be peeping through their fingers tonight as Irish duo Sean and Conor Price try to impress the judges and make it through to the next round.
The Wicklow duo wowed with their first audition with their own version of All Along the Watchtower.
Irish brothers still fighting on X Factor
However, it did not go so smoothly as they performed in front of the judges again, this time attempting to get to the dreaded ‘Six Chair Challenge’.
The boys’ rendition of Madcon’s Beggin’ did not do much for Simon Cowell and co and left the Prices in real danger of exiting the competition.
Cowell described it as his ‘’least favourite performance” from them, and asked why they chose the song.
Conor said: “We thought it was a good upbeat song that we could feed off with the crowd.”
However, Cowell warned them that “you never need to force a crowd into anything”.
The judges were torn as the two brothers had made themselves contenders with their original audition.
They asked to hear a different song, and the lads won them back with their version of Ed Sheeran’s Sing.
In the end, after a dramatic period of deliberating, the boys were given the benefit of the doubt and allowed through to the next stage of the competition.
The fact that Sean and Conor were allowed to sing a second song has been the cause of some controversy online, with many commentators saying it is a “fix” and just a stunt to boost ratings.
In the previous episode, contestant Alisah Bonoaobra refused to leave the stage after she was told she had to go home.
She was eventually given the opportunity to sing again and progressed through after impressing at the second time of asking.

Written by Andrew Moore