Irish bridesmaid performs brilliant song at cousin's wedding

Bridesmaid sings special song to happy couple on their wedding day

This Irish bridesmaid livened up the party at her cousin’s wedding party by singing a personalised song to the happy newlyweds.

‘Dear Seana’s Husband’ is a delightful song written and performed by Colleen Laverty, cousin and best friend of the bride Seana.
Bridesmaid sings special song to happy couple on their wedding day
The brave bridesmaid began her speech by explaining that she and Seana had been thick as thieves since they were tiny, and added that she hasn’t got much bigger since!
She then said that she had thought about her speech and what stories she could tell, but realised that most of the best ones would end up with her incriminating herself and Seana, and result in her being told off by some of the ‘adults’ of the family.
Colleen decided to do her speech a little differently, and the brilliant performance begins with the lines:
“Dear Seana’s husband, here’s a few things you need to know now, you’re married to my best friend all your life.
“You know she’s always late, so be prepared to wait, and don’t forget the flowers on your anniversary.”
The song had the wedding guests in stitches and brilliantly merged genuine loving sentiment with a few jokes along the way.
“Sometimes she doesn’t really act like a lady, and when she’s drunk she’s a wee bit crazy but you already knew that right?”
As we all know, one of the most important parts of any wedding reception are the speeches.
However, these can often be a bit predictable and mundane. Although they always have the right sentiment at heart, they can be a bit boring.
Now it seems that the Irish are trying to buck that trend buy adding a bit of music to their wedding speeches to liven things up. Colleen’s superb performance comes hot on the heels of another musical Irish wedding speech. Best man Conor D’Arcy performed his own personalised song at his brother’s wedding, and the video was a huge hit online.
Now this ‘Dear Seana’s Husband’ video is expected to be a similar success.
Watch it for yourself below.