Irish bride drives tractor to church to marry farmer

Irish bride drives tractor to church

An Irish bride travelled to her wedding in style – driving her family tractor to the church.

Lucinda Boyce of Donegal grew up on her father’s farm and got married to fellow farmer Gary Mulhern.

Irish bride drives tractor to church

She said: “I grew up on Daddy’s farm, and then with Gary being a farmer too, we wanted to bring farming into our wedding so we thought we’d do it with the transport.

“I left my own house and drove myself and Daddy in his tractor, and when the ceremony was over we left in Gary’s tractor — well, it’s our tractor now!”

Both tractors had been given a full clean and polish so that they looked their best for Lucinda and Gary’s big day.

The locals were full of support for the happy couple, and were delighted to see Belinda in her white dress driving through the town to the church.

Lucinda said: “Driving around the town that day we were getting so much support from people — especially when I was driving in my wedding dress, it’s something that doesn’t happen every day!”

It wasn’t just the wedding transport that had a rural tone to it as Lucinda explained: “Gary asked me one day to come out and help him feed the sheep. I thought nothing of it, I drove to the middle of the field and got out of the jeep by the sheep feeder.

“When I turned around he was down on one knee. It was something different, a lot of my friends get taken away but I just get taken out to a field in Donegal Town.

“It was very different, it was something that was very unique to us, it’s something that suited us and it really fit in with our everyday lives.”

Congratulations to Lucinda and Gary. What a great way to begin married life together.

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Written by Andrew Moore