Irish bookmaker dedicates himself to Donald Trump bets

An Irish bookmaker has dedicated himself to taking bets about Donald Trump

An Irish bookmaker has become the first in the world to dedicate himself entirely to taking bets on Donald Trump.

Dubliner Joe Lee has become Paddy Power’s Head of Trump Bets and is prepared to give odds on pretty much anything Trump related.

There is a feeling among many people that no story is too farfetched given President Trump’s comments and behaviour before and after entering the White House.

An Irish bookmaker has dedicated himself to taking bets about Donald Trump

In fact, Trump is a huge asset to the betting world with more bets being placed on him than many popular sports including boxing, motor racing and golf.

Some of Lee’s offers at least seem like they could be possible – if not probable. For example, you can currently get odds of 4/6 that the President will be impeached.

Other bets seem more absurd – but given that Trump is in charge, still entirely possible. You can get odds of 500/1 on the White House being painted gold.

It may sound crazy but President Trump does like gold. Maybe its worth a punt.

It is far more likely that he will upset the French so much that they will request that the Statue of Liberty be returned. If that tickles your fancy, the odds are 50/1.

If you think that America could get their first female President thanks to Trump having a sex change you might want to place a bet with odds of 100/1. You can get the same odds on Trump adding his face to Mount Rushmore.

Other bets on offer are that the President will grow a ‘Hitler moustache’ (66/1), that he will enjoy a round of golf with Barack Obama (4/1) that a Trump sex tape will be leaked online (14/1).

The more likely scenario, according to Lee is that Trump will be re-elected in 2020 – the odds are just 2/1.

Lee said: “There’s no one in the world like Donald Trump and people are fascinated by him. He is far more popular than Brexit was with the betting public.

“If Trump is qualified to do that, then I don’t think any other job or candidate can be seen as ridiculous.”

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling