Which is tastier – Irish or American beef? A Dutch chef gives his verdict

Irish beef vs American beef

A Dutch chef has made a great video which sees him compare the merits of Irish beef vs American beef.

And for good measure he cooks up two delicious looking dishes that we can’t wait to try.

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He started by comparing the American grain-fed Angus to the unspecified grass-fed Irish cut. He seemed suitably impressed by both and said he couldn’t wait to see what they tasted like.

Irish beef vs American beef

He then made a herb butter to go with the steaks using 200 grams of butter, 100g of cream cheese, a clove of garlic, a pinch of salt, pepper, sage, parsley and chives.

After cooking the steaks on the grill, the chef then started on the tomatoes, using the beef fat to cook them.

He then puts the herb butter onto the steaks while they are still hot so the butter can melt over the top. The tomatoes are then placed on top of the butter.

So how did the Irish steak compare to the American Angus?

He was immediately impressed with the Irish steak. He said: “The Irish grass-fed is actually super, super tender. Fantastic.”

He was also full of praise for the American Angus. He said: “Super tender, straight away.

“These are both fantastic steaks – real high-quality steaks. Of course, the grass fed is more sweet. You expect that from grass-fed.

“And then the grain-fed; it has that rich creamy beef flavour. There is a clear winner here because the Angus knocks the ball right out of the park.”

While the American cut won the taste test, the chef was full of praise for both steaks – and offered some consolation for the Irish grass-fed.

“Here comes the price. The Angus costs €64, whereas the Irish grass fed costs €37 so we’re saving a lot of money if we buy the Irish grass-fed.

“If you take money into consideration, I would go for the Irish because the difference is not that big. – maybe even get two of the Irish if you’ve got friends coming over.

“So, whatever you chose, you can’t go wrong but I’m selecting the Irish as a winner here.”

Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling


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