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Irish accent so strong even the Irish can’t understand

The locals of the re-opened highest pub in Ireland have created a stir as a video of them settling back in to their pints has got the nation asking itself: “Can you understand a word these fellas are saying?”

The Top of Coom, ran by the Creedon family, has recently re-opened its doors after being forced to shut because of a fire in 2012. The pub, situated between Cork and Kerry, has the claim of being the highest pub in Ireland.

A reporter was sent to interview the Creedon family and their regular customers, to gauge the reaction of the big re-opening. However, the accent of the locals is so strong, that even the Irish public are struggling to make out what is being said.

Dan Kellehar, Joe Kelly and Johnny McCarthy are filmed sitting in the pub enjoying a refreshing pint, when they are asked by the interview what the re-opening means to them. The response is almost impossible to translate, although they all seem perfectly capable of listening each other as the three men share a joke and a laugh.

As the video rolls on, Joe Kelly is seen sat at his table with a pint of Guinness in one hand and a newborn lamb under his arm. The comical scene gives an interesting insight into rural life in Ireland, as much of the population are now living in big cosmopolitan cities such as Dublin, Cork and Belfast.

In the more isolated communities in the countryside, the accents and way of life can seem old fashioned to some.

But whatever the gents were saying, they seemed pleased to have their local pub back, and quite right too. Sláinte lads.

Watch the video below and see if you can understand what is being said.

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  1. Sounds good to me pub looks great

  2. Couldn’t hear what the fuss was about. I understood about 80% of it and I am Australian. I am sure my dear old dad (dec) would’ve felt at home there even though he had no Irish in him.

  3. What can I get ye lads ? Three pints of porter for us and a bottle of milk for the lamb.

  4. The men look so happy..who cares if we dont understand the words..their faces tell the story.

  5. All i understood is “Thanks be to God” lol. They thank God they got the pub back. I think the guy in the middle with the sheep was a leprechaun.

  6. I was going to say – I bet it has more to do with their level of inebriation.

  7. It was a wee bit confusing, and it would have been helpful to have subtitles. Fun nevertheless.

  8. I would have helped if there were subtitles…

  9. i understood a few words here and there but i swear it sounded like the guinness stout was doing more of the talking lol

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