Ireland’s children discuss what makes them feel Irish

Irish children discuss what makes them feel Irish

The matter of national identity is something that can give people a sense of pride and belonging in countries all over the world.
Every country has its own collection of aspects that give its people a sense of identity. However, they might be different things for different generations.
In Ireland many adults may look to the rich culture of music and literature or the long struggle for independence as sources of national pride.
Irish children discuss what makes them feel Irish
But what about Ireland’s children? What makes them feel Irish? It is a question that was put to a group of Irish kids by the YouTube channel YouthTuber.
As you might expect they didn’t take the question as seriously as some adults might.
One said: “If you had red hair and freckles.”
Another added: “Being Irish is to be a bit silly.”
Many did take into account aspects of Ireland’s culture. A couple of the children thought that Irish dancing was something that made people Irish. Others mentioned the Irish language and sports such as Gaelic football and Hurling.
The kids also talk about the best place in Ireland and the best accent.
Take a look at the video below.