Ireland’s cheapest house up for auction

Cheapest House in Ireland
Four bedroom detached house in Co Donegal

A four bedroom house in Co Donegal has gone on the market and is thought to be the cheapest of its size in Ireland.
The property is in Magheracorran and will be auctioned with a reserve price of €15,000 ($22,000). The average house price in Ireland is €176,000 ($244,247).

Cheapest House in Ireland
Four bedroom detached house in Co Donegal

It is set to be auctioned at the RDS in Dublin on 2 May.
The property is a detached house that measures at almost 1,800 sq feet. It has a front and back garden. It is 10.2 miles from Letterkenny which is the nearest town and 21 miles from Donegal.

While other houses in the country have sold for a similarly low price they have tended to be much smaller and derelict.

The Donegal house is in good shape but the interior needs a lot of work. Robert Hoban, director of auctions at Allsop Space said: “It’s a shell of a house and it will need a lot of money to make it a family home.”

“It’s in a remote location. It’s in rural Co Donegal which obviously there is a market for but it’s a limited market. It may go for a lot more.”

It is unknown whether the house was built as an investment property or a family home, or indeed whether the builder simply ran out of money before the work was completed.

Either way it is sure to be a bargain for anyone with some spare capital to do up a decent sized house in rural Co Donegal.