Ireland ‘good value for money’ for tourists

Michael Kehoe

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2 Responses

  1. Karen Brandon says:

    We have always had a wonderful time on our vacations.We plan on an amount that we think we will be spending on lunch/dinner (we do CIE tours,good value),it almost always evans out,or a little cheeper.What do these people expect?We are always so glad we chose CIE and Ireland as our vacation for relaxing and meeting nice people,weather the CIE tour guide and driver or people in the towns we stay or visit.We are planning a visit 2017 for our daughters graduation from college,…we/she can’t wait,love planning our trips to your truly lovely country.

  2. peter Nicholls says:

    The cost of most items are far cheaper then in the UK. The main roads are in a far better state then the motor ways in the UK and the drivers more courteous.

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