Inspiring video shows off the best of Ireland as the world cup bid continues

Inspiring video in support of Ireland's bid to host the 2023 rugby World Cup

An inspiring video has been released as Ireland continue their bid to host the rugby world cup in 2023.
It features rugby legend Brian O’Driscoll and many other prominent figures behind Ireland’s bid team.

The stand out message of the video is one of unity – with the North and Republic coming together to put on a tournament that will be remembered for decades to come.
Inspiring video in support of Ireland's bid to host the 2023 rugby World Cup
If Ireland are successful, the world cup will be played in all four provinces of Ireland – Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connacht.
Another clear message from the video is one of Irish pride, that the North and Republic are ready and capable of hosting such a prestigious tournament which will have the eyes of the world on the whole island.
The video is backed by a stirring soundtrack and contrasting views of some of Ireland’s beautiful scenery as well as the cosmopolitan cities.
The video featured several inspiring quotes such as:
“If we’re successful, it will be the most exciting event ever to take place on this island. We have the ambition, we have the confidence. We will create an unforgettable experience.”
“This is bigger than sport. Its Ireland as a nation – all 32 counties, North and South – coming together.”
“Ireland will be the focus of global attention. We should put ourselves forward as a modern forward looking nation capable of hosting the third largest sporting event in the world.”
“This is really important for our reputation. It gives Ireland an opportunity to show, on the global stage, our business, our culture – to showcase the best of what we are.”
“This would be an amazing opportunity for the state to come together with communities to deliver an experience to the world.”
“It will create a fantastic atmosphere. It’s really important for us, for all of our diaspora, for anyone who calls themselves Irish.”
“Imagine a tournament that will live in all our memories for generations to come.”
Take a look at the video below.