Inspiring Irishman calls for change to improve opportunities

James Conway appeal

James Conway has taken his online campaign to the next level and is urging his supporters to join him in discussions about what can be done to improve the opportunities for working people in Ireland.
Conway hit the headlines this month with a video posted online in which he said the government should accept the €13bn owed to them by Apple in unpaid taxes.
James Conway appeal
The video struck such a chord with the public that is was viewed more than a million times.
Now, because of the overwhelming support he has received, Conway has created a new video urging his supporters to join him in a discussion that can be put forward to the politicians in Dublin.
“First of all I want to say a massive thank-you to all the support that has been given to myself, and all the messages that have been sent on to myself from people around the world from people like me who are not happy. They’re not happy that a lot of the time the only option is to go, and they’re not happy that nothing appears to be being done here in Ireland to make a concerted effort to bring them back.
“I don’t know why the video I put up went to the pitch it did and got so much attention as it did. But I can only guess it’s because a lot of people, it rung true with them, that’s it’s just an example, perhaps the final straw, that the government that’s in power at the moment, they’re not concerned with the likes of us.”
Conway went on to explain that he had thought long and hard about how best to deal with the success of his video, and had decided to use it as a platform to start discussions with other working people in Ireland. He wants to hold these discussions and urged his followers to join him at Leinster House where their concerns can be put forward to the politicians.
Conway said: “I’m asking this question. When you come to the end of your life, and you haven’t made at least one person that’s less fortunate than you, made their life a little bit easier or a little bit better, have you lived at all?”
Watch the video in full below.

Written by Andrew Moore