Infographic shows how much life in Ireland has changed in 100 years

Michael Kehoe

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4 Responses

  1. Thelma O Riordan says:

    I love my home in Australia with my Irish partner ans aussie kids, it is such a beautiful country, i miss it heaps and hope one day to go home for a while with my babies

  2. Pauline Tunney says:


  3. Helen Pilecki says:

    Both parents were born in Ireland. My dad at age 18 with his brother 16 came to America so many years ago. I really don’t believe my dad was ever happy here. He would sit for hours in the kitchen listening to the Irish records. I have visited his home in Tipperary and met many of my cousins. I understand his love of his birth place.

  4. Mary Theresa Gillespie Smith says:

    coming from two Irish parents we were weaned on the history of your Beautiful country, I think their hearts never left your home. I have been over twice in the last 5years and walked from their homes and trod where they did, I must admit tears in the eye when I had to come back to the mainland.

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