Inflatable Irish pub feature on top US show

Inflatable Irish pub to feature on US chat show

An inflatable Irish pub company will get a welcome boost of publicity next week, when it will feature on US chat show Today, watched by an average of five million people.
Owners of the Paddy Wagon Pub are hopeful that the exposure will lead to a significant number of bookings.
Inflatable Irish pub to feature on US chat show
The company has not yet officially launched, but has already hosted corporate events and received a great deal of interest.
The Paddy Wagon is based on the traditional Irish pub, with brick walls, fireplace, and thatched roof.
Co-founder Eoghan Cahill has lived in Boston, Massachusetts for the past ten years but is originally from Dunboyne in Co Meath.
He said he saw the idea of an inflatable pub in the UK, and thought it could prove a hit in America. The Paddy Wagon offers more than just the pub. Other services are available such as live music from traditional Irish bands, catering and bar staff, and even Irish wolfhounds to pet to ensure the Irish experience.
The Paddy Wagon stands 30ft by 30ft when fully inflated and can hold up to 80 people.
It is the perfect venue for family parties or even corporate events.
The idea of an inflatable Irish pub has already proved to be a success in Ireland. Businesswoman Caitriona Mulhern used her experience in the drinks industry to spot the gap in the market and created Pop Up Pubs last year.