Incredible Egg Man gives ‘perfect omelette’ demo

Incredible Egg Man Howard Helmer Image Ireland Calling

The perfect omelette is a dish that often proves to be beyond even the most competent chefs, and can be a source of frustration for wannabe cooks around the world.

Incredible Egg Man Howard Helmer Image Ireland Calling

Well Dubliners now have no excuse for failing to create a flawless meal, after the ‘Incredible Egg Man’ came to town to give a demonstration on how to make the perfect omelette.

Howard Helmer holds the title after he made an incredible 147 omelettes in just 30 minutes in 2011. The feat is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the highest number of omelettes made in half an hour by one person.

So, if anyone knows what they are talking about then Helmer is the man. He told the Irish Independent: “I honestly think anyone can make the perfect omelette. The trick is a really hot pan, two teaspoons of water for every two large eggs and good quality butter to fry it in.

“The best omelette I’ve ever had is not in France but in my own kitchen back in New York.”

Since breaking the record, Helmer been invited to give demonstrations on how to get the difficult dish just right from countries all around the world.

He always alters his ingredients to reflect the national tastes of his host country and yesterday a delicious smoked salmon omelette was on the menu.

Helmer added: “I’m not being boastful but I’ve had the opportunity to visit so many countries because I broke this record and it has been such a great experience.

“I’m having a great time getting stuck into some Irish eggs and I’m making my take on an Irish omelette using my favourite Irish ingredient, smoked salmon. Americans love that stuff. The great thing about omelettes is that you can put anything in them, whatever your preference may be.”

The entertaining New Yorker then revealed that he has retired from competitive omelette making, but would be happy to offer his expertise to guide any hopeful Guinness world record holders:

He said: “I’m retired now so I’d be happy to help someone make 428 omelettes in a half an hour and knock me off the top spot. I’ve tried to encourage my children to take my place and although they make great omelettes, they’re not so interested.”

Watch the video below to see the Incredible Egg Man’s guide to making the perfect omelette.