Incredible 50m jump from Waterford kite-surfer

Incredible 50m jump from Waterford kite-surfer

A thrill seeker from Waterford took advantage of the extreme weather conditions to perform an astonishing 50m kite-surfing jump across a beach in Tramore.
Incredible 50m jump from Waterford kite-surfer
Sean Murphy is considered to be one of the leading and most innovative kite-surfers of his generation in Ireland, but even for him this was a daunting task.
High winds and flash floods swept across the south west of Ireland last week and caused much disruption to homeowners, businesses and travellers.
However, Murphy saw the conditions as the perfect opportunity to attempt the spectacular jump across 50m of land between shallow waters on the Tramore coast and the tidal lagoon known as Back Strand.
He was watched by dozens of his friends and family and several more kite-surfing enthusiasts.
The stunning jump was recorded by one of Murphy’s friends and posted on to Facebook. It has been viewed more than 150,000 times so far.
Take a look at Murphy’s incredible jump below.