'In Flags or Flitters' – unique video of Dublin since 1950s

'In Flags or Flitters' - unique video of Dublin since 1950s

A 1991 documentary about Dublin has emerged online and offers a first-hand insight into the city from the 1950s onwards.
‘In Flags or Flitters’ is the title of the RTÉ film. It is a fascinating look back through the history of the Irish capital, and features interviews with some of the city’s most famous characters.'In Flags or Flitters' - unique video of Dublin since 1950s
It includes footage of President Kenedy’s visit in 1963 as well as several other key historical events for Dublin.
Writers Brendan Behan and Thomas Kinsella offer their views on their home city with all the eloquence and description you could expect.
Dublin’s people are also celebrated in the video, with clips of children playing in the street and adults enjoying a few drinks and a song in the old Irish pub.
There is a report of the demolition of the north side of Dublin for development, despite protestors who wanted to preserve the historical buildings.
Some of the most celebrated events in Dublin’s history are featured including the reaction in an Irish pub as Brenda Fricker was awarded an Oscar for her role in My Left Foot. The video also features an inspiring interview with Christy Brown himself.
Legendary comedian Brendan Grace also makes an appearance with a few of his classic jokes.
In 1978, there were protests over the destruction of an ancient Viking settlement in the Wood Quay area, with developers wanting to use the site to build office blocks. One spokesperson for the protestors addressed the crowd: “We have literally stumbled upon the birthplace of our own city. And the authorities, having destroyed part of it, now propose to finish the work of destruction.”
The film is a unique look back at the Irish capital. It shows how much things have changed over the past few decades.
Take a look for yourself below.

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