If Ireland Didn’t Exist – trailer for disaster movie spoof

A group of Irish YouTubers have filmed a trailer for a spoof disaster movie – If Ireland Didn’t Exist.

The comedy group from Wexford, called Plae Pen, created the horror story and shot a short video trailer to post online.

If Ireland Didn’t Exist – trailer for disaster movie spoof
It shows a young couple, Sean and Gráinne, enjoying an idyllic Irish evening. Gráinne is watching the Late Late Show while Sean plays the tin whistle before they settle down for a good night’s sleep, only to wake up in an alternate life – where Ireland doesn’t exist.
Sean panics as his once-Irish girlfriend Gráinne now speaks with a German accent, and has no idea what this place Ireland is?
His worst fears are confirmed when he checks a map, and Ireland has been erased.
The story unravels to reveal that in Ireland’s absence, the Titanic was built in Germany and went on to have more than 700 successful voyages. Michael Fassbender is now a French-German movie star and poor Sean’s tin whistle has been replaced by a saxophone.
Sean then goes on a desperate search for any trace of Ireland, and the trailer ends with him shaking terrified in his bed, murmuring: “All I want is some colcannon, even just a potato!”
Scary stuff. Watch the video below.