Identical twins give mammy shock of her life… and the longest hug

Identical twins give mammy shock of her life

Like thousands of Irish families, the Duncans are spread across the world and miss each other terribly.
Shane Duncan lives in New York and his identical twin James lives in London so they don’t get the chance to get back to see their ma and da as often as they like… at least, not until a recent surprise visit.
Identical twins give mammy shock of her life
But the lads weren’t content to just turn up for a great family reunion…being identical twins they wanted to throw in a little surprise for their unsuspecting parents, Anne and Neill.
James arrived home first to the delight of Anne and Neill but they weren’t suspecting Shane to turn up as well. While they were all out in the garden together, James was asked to go and borrow some tools from a friend.
While he was out of sight, he swapped clothes with Shane who then came back into the garden prompting surprise and delight, and the odd four-letter word…followed by the longest and most heart-warming hug ever from mammy.