Hypnotised Irishman ‘gives birth to baby girl’

Hypnotised Irishman 'gives birth to a baby girl' on stage at charity event

In many a ‘battle-of-the-sexes’ debate around the world, women always have a trump card to play – their high pain threshold.

The proof is in the pudding, after all it is women who go through the pain of childbirth. While men can also experience pain in particularly sensitive areas that women will never truly understand, we can’t deny a respect and admiration for women going through childbirth.

Who’s to say which is more painful?

Hypnotised Irishman 'gives birth to a baby girl' on stage at charity event

Well perhaps one Irishman might have a hint of an idea after he was hypnotised into thinking he had given birth during a Wexford GAA charity event in 2017.

The Wexford man was the unlucky one as three other participants who were also on stage were given the job of supporting his as he ‘gave birth’.

The man was in a lot of distress and had a serious grimace of pain etched across his face.

Eventually he gives birth to a ‘beautiful baby girl’ and becomes smitten when one of the other men passes him his baby – a child’s doll.

Take a look at the video below.

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