Romantic husband learns how to apply make-up for wife

Romantic husband learns how to apply make-up for wife

A romantic Irish husband has been taught how to apply make-up for his wife so that she can always look and feel her best.

Mona and Des have been married for 56 years, but unfortunately Mona’s eyesight is deteriorating meaning she cannot apply her make-up herself.
Romantic husband learns how to apply make-up for wife
Caring Des wanted to help his wife feel her best, so went to see a professional make-up artist to teach him what to do.
The romantic gesture captured the attention of top make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic, who has superstar clients including Kim Kardashian.

He invited Des and Mona to London to attend one of his make-up masterclasses.

The story gained such global interest that the BBC sent a news team to speak to the couple.

Des sat next to Mona as he spoke to the journalists. He explained: “Mona’s left eye is really bad. When she tried to do something with the right eye, the left eye doesn’t see anything.”

The video then shows Des applying make-up to Mona’s face with his brush.

Mona sits there still and says that it is “very relaxing”.

Des then joked that it is “the best way to keep you awake”.

Rosie O’Driscoll is the professional make-up artist Des and Mona went to see so that he could learn the art of applying make-up.

She said: “Des took the brushes from my hand and wanted to have a try. If you just see the way he holds the brushes, he’s a natural.”

The video then reveals the invite to London for a make-up masterclass from Dedivanovic.

Mona recalled: “He just seemed to want to have us there.”

She also explained that the celebrity scene was a long way from their thought up until recently.

“Make-up and Mario, and the Kardashians, and that, absolutely nothing in our lives, up until now.”

The couple then reflected their early years together, when Des tried to impress her by singing “like Nat King Cole”.

The moving video ends with Des explaining that he and Mona agree on one thing; that less is more.

He said: “There’s no way I want my lovely Mona slapped up with stuff.”

Mona added: “He thinks I’m lovely as I am.”

Take a look at the heart-warming story for yourself.

Written by Andrew Moore