Hungover man confused to wake up on sofa in the wrong house

Hungover man confused to wake up on sofa in the wrong house

A hungover man woke up more than a little confused after crashing on the sofa after a party recently, when the homeowners didn’t have a clue who he was.

The Scottish man posted a great video online in which he explains the story, whilst trying to hold back the tears of laughter.

Hungover man confused to wake up on sofa in the wrong house

So, he attended a party and after the night was through he went outside to get a taxi home.

However, the taxi left without him so he decided to return to the house party and sleep on the sofa.

All sounds fair enough so far, except that he was woken in the morning by two strangers who didn’t know who he was or what he was doing sleeping in their house.

The man told them that he was at the party last night, only to be told that there had been no party in that house at all.

Understandably confused, the man tried to recollect his movements from the night before, and realised he had walked into the neighbour’s house, and not the party host’s.

Thankfully, the homeowners were very understanding and the three of them all had a good laugh about the misunderstanding.

The man had even tried to treat himself to a Pot Noodle during the night!

The laughter of the man and his generous host when telling the story is simply infectious and is sure to have you chuckling along too.

Take a look at the hilarious video.

Written by Andrew Moore

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