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How to make the classic Irish dish ‘Champ’

A YouTube channel called ‘Videos of Irish Farming Life’ has created a great video that shows how to make a traditional Irish dish.

It is a charming home-made video featuring a chef named Rosemary who talks the viewer through the process of making a dish called ‘Champ’ – which is often also known as ‘Calli’.

Champ is a mashed potato-based dish with vegetables – usually spring onion or chives, but in this video Rosemary uses scallions, which give it a more subtle taste.


Champ is a relative of another classic Irish dish, colcannon, which uses cabbage or kale instead of onions.

The narrator at the start of the video says: “An inexpensive, yet delightful dinner would have been champ. This is the way Rosemary’s mother would have made it 50 years ago.”

Rosemary said that she likes to make her food: “Typically Irish and just different.”

She chops the potatoes into thick slices and boils them in a pan. She then pours half a pint of milk and a generous portion of butter into a new pan, along with teaspoon full of salt.

Rosemary then chops the scallions into small pieces before mashing the potatoes. She then mixes the milky butter into the mash and adds the scallions.

She warned: “I don’t add the chives or scallions until I have a right consistency, because you would destroy them.”

She mixes the scallions in with a spoon, making sure to be careful enough for them to maintain their shape.

The end result is served with a scoop of butter placed on top to melt into the middle. It is a simple but delicious dish.

Take a look at the video below.

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