How much do Irish couples spend on their wedding?

How much do Irish couples spend on their wedding?

Romantic Irish couples are spending more on their wedding day than they have in previous years, according to a new survey.
The survey from website also revealed other information about Irish weddings such as the most popular month, the least expensive county and the average spent on wedding dresses.
How much do Irish couples spend on their wedding?
The site reveals that Irish couples spent an average of €21,135 on their wedding in 2013. That is a 2.6% increase on €20,600 in 2012.
The most expensive time to get married is, unsurprisingly in the summer. However, those who see romance in the snow will be pleased to know that the winter is the least expensive time to get married – although they will be gambling that it will actually snow rather than rain all day!
June is the most expensive month to get married with an average wedding costing €22,220. The least expensive month is January, when the average couple spend €19,780. The most popular month for Irish weddings is September.
Wicklow is the most expensive county to get married, with many couples drawn to the romantic setting of the Wicklow Mountains. The least expensive county is Louth.
The average bride spends €1,570 on her wedding dress – just 7.4% of the total cost of the wedding.
The majority of couples (60%) host their wedding reception in a hotel. Meanwhile, 20% hire a country house or manor and 10% go all out and hold the reception in a castle.
The survey also revealed that one out of twenty couples get married before ever living together. Just over a quarter of couples get married after living together for five years or more.