How being Irish helped a tech supremo in 1980s Mexico

How being Irish helped a tech supremo in 1980s Mexico

An Irish millionaire has spoken about how being Irish has helped him to grow his business out in Mexico.
Bobby Healy is the founder of the tech company, CarTrawler. CarTrawler is used all over the world to connect customers to car rentals, rail connections, online travel agents, hotels and even airlines.

Healy’s own journey began in the 1980s when he lived in Mexico City. Back then he founded the firm Eland Technologies, which produced software.

He told Joe’s Capital broadcast: “There was no Internet, there was no mobile phones, we had a real tangible business that was selling magic. No-one knew what the f**k software was, but we were making millions of dollars selling stuff to them.”
He told host Nick Webb that the key to building his firm was getting the right talent in the right positions. He added that the fact he was Irish helped him enormously.
Healy said: “The same applied back then, nearly 30 years ago, as it does now.
“It was getting really good people, really good technology people that sometimes aren’t the best at vocalising their abilities or commercialising them and forming a team with really strong tech people.
“I think what was unique about me and us at the time was that we were also able to commercialise it, we were also really good at getting across why we were great, pretending to be that in most cases and selling, selling, selling.
“It’s something I would always say that the Irish, for whatever reason, we’re accepted, like American Express, in every country; we’re just universally acceptable and that is an inherent cultural advantage we have.
“My company, everywhere we’ve been, we’ve always seemed to capitalise on that.”
Healy gives a fascinating insight into his life during the interview and has some incredible stories to tell.
He tells how he lost millions following 9/11, he was also held at gunpoint in Mexico and has been entertained in his back garden by Co Down rock legends Ash while he was dressed as Willy Wonka.
Have a listen to the interview below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling