Four-bedroomed house, family car and €10,000 cash – incredible raffle prize up for grabs

Dublin house being raffled online

An Irish couple have put their four-bedroom house up as the prize in an online raffle with tickets available for just €20.

Not only that, the lucky raffle winner will also receive a car and €10,000 in cash to make their new house a home.

Owners Rory MacClancy and his partner Jade have chosen to sell their home in this way to give another young couple a leg-up in the property market.

House prices in the capital are notoriously high, making it almost impossible for young people to save enough for a deposit to be granted a mortgage.

Dublin house being raffled online

Rory and Jade are acutely aware of this issue facing young families in Ireland and want to do their bit to help the next owners of their home.

Rory explained the reasoning behind the unusual move to the Irish Daily Mirror. He said: “We work in banking ourselves and have seen what’s happened with everyone trying to get houses, first-time buyers and things falling through for people.

“We see how difficult it is for so many people at the moment trying to save for a mortgage while they’re renting, it’s at extortionate levels at the moment.

“And from our own perspective we’ve been here for about two years now, our daughter has been in and out of hospital, and we’ve had a bit of a run of the mill. We just wanted to get out and start afresh.”

Dublin house being raffled online

Rory also went on to reveal that he and Jade intend to donate 10% of the money raised in the raffle to Temple Street Hospital, where daughter Lily has been treated for the past couple of years.

He explained: “So we decided if we could do something to give back to Temple Street, we would like to give back 10% if we manage to sell everything.

“We are donating this money as a thank you to the hospital for caring for our daughter over the past two years during which time she was cared for on more than one occasion and we are forever in their debt.

“The work they do is incredible and we honestly could not be more thankful for their time, care and help during what was a very difficult time for the three of us.”

Dublin house being raffled online

It is a great gesture from the couple and the raffle looks to be a solution that will provide a win win win outcome for all involved.

Rory said that the house offers a great first-home for a young family, and that the prize also includes a family car and a huge €10,000 so the new owners can put their own stamp on the place.

He concluded: “It was a brand new build two years ago, it is a three-storey, mid-terraced, four-bed house with three doubles with one single. It is 135sqm with two designated car spaces, and without giving away our actual address it’s about ten minutes from the airport and five minutes from Portmarnock beach.

“All I can say is we’ve been living here two years, we’ve enjoyed it, it’s a beautiful house, the car is a 152 Renault Kadjar, it’s in a great condition, passed the NCT and everything. The winner will be walking into a turnkey home, and they’ll be given €10,000 in cash to decorate for themselves if they’d like. It’s just a beautiful place.”

The raffle is being handled by online agent Raffall and will end on Monday February 28, 2022, or when 40,000 tickets are sold, whichever comes first.

Dublin house being raffled online

Rory added: “The draw is limited to 40,000 tickets and once all tickets are sold the draw will take place and hopefully we can make some lucky person’s dreams come true.

“As soon as the 40,000 tickets are sold the winner will be notified by Raffall and the proceeds will go to us and we’ll be able to sort out the mortgage end, pay stamp duty and legal fees, and hand over the keys.”

If you would like to buy a ticket and give yourself a chance of winning the beautiful family home in Dublin then visit @WinDublinHomeCarandCash