Hollywood star Sienna Miller loves Cork and wants to take a cookery course there

Sienna Miller says she loves Co Cork and wants to take a cookery course at Ballymaloe

Hollywood star Sienna Miller has revealed that she has fallen in love with Co Cork and wants to do a cookery course in Ballymaloe.

The New York born British star’s latest film – The Lost City of Z – is set in Cork, although the filming took place in Northern Ireland.

However, the Foxcatcher actress knows Cork well having previously filmed there for Ben Affleck’s 2016 crime drama, Live By Night.

She fell in love with the county and decided that she would love to take Darina Allen’s cooking course in Ballymaloe.

Miller appeared on the Maura and Daithi show on RTÉ and told them: “Cork is stunning. Ballymaloe – I really want to go. I’ve been to the hotel but I really want to do a cooking course.”

The director of Miller’s new film, James Gray, is also a huge fan of Cork. He said: “My family and I travelled to Ireland several years back and we thought it was one of the most beautiful spots on earth. We love Ireland.

“Cork is magnificent. It is stunning. I’m not just saying that – off the record Cork is unbelievable, Ireland is unbelievable.”

Meanwhile, Miller has said that she was happy to take her role in The Lost City of Z, only when she was happy that she would be playing a three-dimensional character, rather than simply a male character’s wife.

She said: “I was really interested in working with James and we first met for this about seven years ago. We worked really, really hard to ensure she wasn’t just a wife.

“She’s very independent, very modern, and she’s brave and she’s just a character I loved.

“I loved her as a woman and I wanted to do her justice. She is incredible, she is a proper woman, a proper mother, a proper wife.”

Gray revealed that it was Hollywood legend Brad Pitt who got the ball rolling on the ‘The Lost City of Z’ project.

He said: “Love him as I do, I have no idea why he thought of me for a historical epic. I hadn’t done anything remotely like this. It was a very strange call to get.

“’I read this book, it’s really good, will you take a look at it?’ I never got south of 14th St on Manhattan so I didn’t understand why he was sending me the book.”

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