Hollywood star fails to impress with 'Irish' accent

Hollywood star fails to impress with 'Irish' accent

American comedian and actor Bill Hader entertained the audience on Conan O’Brien’s chat show by doing his less-than-convincing Irish accent.
The Trainwreck star told his host that after visiting Ireland he would often amuse himself by pretending to be a Dublin DJ.
Hollywood star fails to impress with 'Irish' accent
He then gave an example of his Irish accent, not his best it has to be said.
He explained that he was stopped by a woman in New York who recognised him. He immediately began speaking in his Irish accent and told her that he wasn’t in fact the Hollywood star Bill Hader but a radio producer from Dublin, and just ‘looks like him’.
He kept up the act for a full ten minute conversation with the woman after which she still requested a photo with him.
Hader laughed as he admitted his deceit and apologised to the woman for his prank.
Hader has been a regular performer in various comedy films over the past decade. He recently voiced one of the main characters in Disney Pixar’s latest movie Inside Out. He played Fear, one of the five key emotions that control the decisions and life of an 11-year-old girl.
He explained that when he told his five-year-old daughter that he knows Amy Poehler who voices the main character Joy, he was told to “stop bragging”.
The funnyman is famed for his quick wit and funny voices. He went on to tell O’Brien that when travelling he likes to have some fun by pretending that he is hiding someone in his luggage when he checks his bags.
Take a look at Hader’s interview, and questionable Irish accent, below.