Is there a link between bereavement and hoarding?

Is there a link between bereavement and hoarding?

A team of psychologists in Ireland are carrying out a study to find out if there is a link between bereavement and hoarding.
The School of Psychology at NUI Galway is looking for 1,000 participants to take part in the study.
Is there a link between bereavement and hoarding? Photo copyright TheDoctorMo CC3
They are looking for people who simply have a lot of clutter throughout their homes, as well as those with a more serious hoarding behaviour.
The researchers aim to find out if there is a direct correlation between the grief of losing a loved one, and the inability to throw things away.
Dr Elizabeth Kehoe is one of the leaders of the study. She said: “We’re looking to see if hoarding is a way of coping. A way of coming to terms with a loss.
“Hoarding can be a symptom of something else. There has to be something causing it. Is it a way of coping with emotions people don’t want to face? Filling their lives with these things… It’s not just a weird habit.”
Dr Kehoe explained that other common explanations for hoarding behaviour have not always been backed up by evidence in other studies.
She said: “People might say it’s because they didn’t have a lot growing up. But the research doesn’t bear that out. People hoard regardless of that. It’s not to do with having a form of OCD either.”
Dr Kehoe also said that simply taking away a hoarder’s clutter will not necessarily get to the bottom of the issue.
“If someone doesn’t feel safe or comfortable, hoarding may be a way of coping. And that’s what we’re trying to understand.”
Dr Kehoe’s colleague psychologist Dr Jonathan Egan added: “The team are really interested in a holistic view of why we collect things and why it can increase at times following a bereavement or personal upset.
“We want to hear from a large range of people, from those who rate themselves as ‘life-long magpies’ to those who have noticed that it is becoming difficult to part with newspapers and other non-essential household items, or even that their house is becoming very crammed and it affects the ability to share their home with guests.”
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Written by Andrew Moore