Hilarious spoof tourism video about Co Longford

Spoof tourism video says that Longford has the best mud in Ireland

A hilarious video advises tourists to visit Co Longford as it as the ‘best mud in Ireland’.
The spoof tourism video starts off with two men stood by a gate in the countryside. One tells the other that they have been told to say something good about Longford.

They agree that there are plenty of good things that could be said about the county.
Spoof tourism video says that Longford has the best mud in Ireland
They start off by talking about the wonderful nature that Longford has to offer, including lovely trees, lakes and the sound of the songbirds.
However, they really get going when one them mentions mud. They say that Longford has the ‘stickiest browniest mud in Ireland’.
The other man adds: “It’s fairly thick – mind you some of the people fairly are thick too – but, I tell you, its lovely and thick.”
It seems that the men have really found a subject that they can delve into. The first man continues: “If you get a dry bit it’s not too thick. But then it’s thick if you get a wet bit.”
As the video goes on the men continue to praise the mud in Longford, saying that it should win awards. One of the men says that he plastered his house with mud and muck – but is then sure to emphasis the difference between mud and muck.
“One is a lighter brown, the other is a darker brown. But if you put the two of them together you can’t see the difference of the brown.”
They agree that you can’t get mud or muck of the quality of Longford mud and muck anywhere else.
However, they become distressed at the way the mud is being used at the end of the video.
Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling