Brave Irish youngster hailed a hero after he thwarts attempted abduction of teenage girl

Tiernan McCready awarded a Badge of Honour

An Irish youngster has been hailed as a hero by police after he helped to prevent a young woman from being abducted.

The incident happened in Co Derry when three men approached the 18-year-old woman. They grabbed her and tried to force her into the back of a van.

Tiernan McCready awarded a Badge of Honour

Thankfully, a young lad named Tiernan McCready was there to see what was happening and was able to keep his composure.

He shouted at the men, which was enough to make them leave the woman alone. Tiernan then walked her to safety and his mother called the police.

Thanks to his quick thinking and bravery, the woman was saved from a potentially terrible fate.

The police have commended Tiernan for his bravery and he was awarded with a Badge of Honour.

The police posted the following message on their Facebook page: “Folks, this is Tiernan McCready. This is what a hero looks like.

“Last week in the Bogside he saw three males grab an 18-year-old girl and try to get her in their van.

“Most ADULTS would be paralysed in shock, confusion or fear and fail to act till it was too late.

“Let that sink in.

“This could have been the start of a potentially serious and harrowing crime. That girl could have been my child, my sister, your child, your family member.

“The Bogside, Brandywell, and The Fountain Neighbourhood Team presented Tiernan with a PSNI Badge of Honour (and some Malteasers). But this doesn’t go anywhere near to paying off the debt our community owes this boy. Our youngsters often get a bad rep but remember the vast majority are brave and big hearted just like Tiernan.”

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling