Guinness delights vegans by going completely animal free

Irish farmers say a pint of Guinness should be cheaper

Guinness have delighted animal rights group PETA by making good on their promise to ensure that all of their products will be animal free.

It means vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy a pint – or bottle or can – of the black stuff without compromising their diet.

Guinness has used isinglass during it’s production process for hundreds of years. Isinglass is a protein that is found in dried fish bladders.

Irish farmers say a pint of Guinness should be cheaper

It has been used by Guinness to filter their stout much the disappointment of many vegans and vegetarians who have had to pass on the drink due to its production process.

Vegans were delighted in 2015 when Guinness announced that it had developed a new way to produce their stout without the use of isinglass.

The recipe remains the same, it is just the method of filtering that has been updated.

In 2017, Guinness rolled out their vegan stout. However, at the time only the draught Guinness was vegan, canned and bottled Guinness still used the old process.

Manufacturer Diageo released a statement saying: “Our new filtration process has removed the use of isinglass as a means of filtration and vegans can now enjoy a pint of Guinness.”

Now both cans and bottles of Guinness also contain the new version of the stout that has been made using a completely animal free process.

PETA UK posted the good news on their Twitter account.

If you would like to know whether your favourite drinks are vegan friendly check out the Barnivore website.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling